20 Celebrities Hanging Out With Regular People

“I chatted with Heath Ledger in a café/comic store place — it was kind of an underground nook. Really quiet. I think it was 2006 because Brokeback Mountain had just come out, and it was obviously a huge success. I got my coffee and book and found a seat, and I saw a handsome-looking guy in the corner. I sat in my booth, but kept glancing at him every few minutes — was it Heath Ledger? Nah, it couldn’t be. No, it was him — that’s definitely him. I finished my drink, grabbed one more look at him, and he caught me and waved at me. I went over and asked if it was him, and he said yes. He was reading Swamp Thing by Alan Moore, so I told him that it was a good read — I also complimented his work on The Brothers Grimm. He said thanks, and asked if I wanted to take a seat.”

“So I sat with him and chatted about comics, movies, and life for an hour — I was 20 years old at the time, and talked about a woman I was seeing (she was one of my first girlfriends). Heath seemed genuinely interested in my problem, and gave me some advice — he was a super nice dude, pretty unpretentious, and happy to just relax without paparazzi following him.

The advice he gave me was: ‘Every day [you] should give her a present — anything from a coffee to a new top.’ I found out later he was riffing on Twin Peaks!”


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