20 Best Makeup Products Ever—Best Makeup Brands and Products 2022

“My journey with black eyeliner started in the fourth grade. I would secretly put it on in the school bathroom every morning, then wash it off before I walked home at the end of the day. (I got caught by my mom because I was wearing it in my school photo—rookie mistake.) In short, I’m no stranger to the stuff, and am picky of which ones I use.

This double-ended eyeliner gives you two practically-permanent options in one tube: a super-smooth pencil or a matte liquid felt tip. I like to use both at the same time, starting with the liquid on my lid for a cat eye and finishing with the pencil for my bottom waterline. My look doesn’t budge until I bring out the oil cleanser, then it instantly washes off with zero residue, which really is makeup magic.”—MA

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