17 Best Unique Candles to Elevate Your Space 2022

If there’s one guaranteed way to create a cozy atmosphere, it’s by lighting a unique candle. No matter how disorganized your room (or life!) may be, a glowing candle can make you feel like you have it together. Plus, depending on the scent, it can mentally transport you someplace else. In need of a beach vacation but can’t make the trip? Try an ocean-scented candle. Love the idea of hiking through a forest? Snag a wintery pine-based one.

While you probably already have a handful of half-burned candles scattered throughout your home, now is the time to overhaul your collection. And while we’ll always hold the big-name classics close to our hearts, there’s a whole world of unique candles out there that not only smell delightful but elevate any room into a more luxe, tranquil space, too. 

So, whether you’re looking to give your home a new signature scent or simply want to add a sophisticated aesthetic to your bedroom, we’ve found the perfect candle for you—regardless of your specific olfactory taste. Here, we list 17 unique candle options you can buy right now.

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