15 Popular Fashion Items That Will Still Be “It” in 2022

I’ll be the first to admit that sometimes fashion moves annoyingly fast. A trend or item that was everywhere one day can suddenly all but disappear when fashion people or celebrities move on to the next buzzy thing. It’s especially annoying because a lot of It items are quite pricey. But that’s not the case with everything. 

Some It items have proven themselves to have staying power, whether they’ve literally stood the test of time by remaining cool longer than the month in which influencers are sent the item (hey, it’s a thing sometimes) or they continue to sell out or they’re classic enough to never go out of style. I, for one, prioritize these types of items when I’m investing in something because who wants to spend a lot just for it to no longer be cool in a year? The good news is that I’ve rounded up 15 items that don’t propose this problem. These accessories, shoes, and clothing items are destined to stick around through 2022, for one reason or another. Scroll to find out why, and shop them for yourself.

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