15 Best Workout Shoes for Men in 2022, from CrossFit to Weightlifting

“This sneaker has a low toe-drop with plenty of support, so I can use it for both running and weightlifting. As someone with feet on the narrow side, typically Nikes work great for me. I’ve gone for a 20-mile run in this shoe, and frequently use it for everything from heavy deadlifts to squats.”

10. Reebok Nano X1 Training Shoes

Recommended by: Kenny Santucci, trainer and owner of The Strength Club NYC

“For any type of high-intensity workouts or plyometrics training, I always turn to the Reebok Nano line. These shoes are versatile and lightweight for any type of high-impact training. They have a stable sole with some cushioning that is good for plyometrics, multi-directional movements, or strength training depending on the demands of the workouts.”

Reebok Nano X1 training shoes

11. Nike Metcon 7

Recommended by: Mike Aidala, Denver-based trainer, NFPT

“The Metcon is the most comfortable training shoe I have found that’s built for both stability and speed. I enjoy the low profile and it has an outer rubber material that helps hold the sneaker together when doing running or agility work. It’s equally as impressive under heavy loads when lifting and comes with an optional small orange heel lift to help keep proper form. It also looks really lean and sleek, which is important when training because if you look good, you feel good.”

Editor’s Note: Though Aidala originally recommended the Metcon 5s, those shoes have since been discontinued for the latest version of the shoe seen here. 

The Best Boxing Shoes

12. Reebok Nano 9

Recommended by: Jeremiah Maestre, boxing coach at Peloton

“This shoe is low to the ground, comfortable, and lightweight, which makes it ideal for what I’m doing when I teach. The upper is really breathable and has solid lateral support, which is great for plyometric and side-to-side movements—like shuffles. Plus, it’s got enough cushion in the midfoot that I can use it for some quick running, too.”

13. Nike HyperKO Boxing Shoes

Recommended by: Aaron Swenson, a founding coach at FightCamp and USA Boxing-certified coach, CPT

“My boxing shoe of choice is the Nike HyperKO. In fact, all of the FightCamp Trainers wear these shoes in most of their boxing workouts on the FightCamp app. I prefer the Nike HyperKO shoes for boxing training and filming my FightCamp workouts because they have a low-profile sole which allows me to move quickly. They are also lightweight and durable, and they look dope.”

Nike HyperKO boxing shoes


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The Best Weightlifting Shoes

14. Reebok Legacy Lifter 2.0

Recommended by: Conor Murphy, certified CrossFit trainer and fitness instructor

“With a lifting shoe, you have to talk about the pitch of the shoe. I’ve tried every single brand out there, and this one just feels the best. It’s got a ¾-inch heel height, which puts you in an optimal squat positioning that’s really healthy for your joints. Also, from the moment you put on this shoe you’ll notice it’s heavier, which is exactly what you’re looking for in a lifter. They’re really sturdy, and that’s made even better by the Velcro trap at the top which keeps your foot in place during even the heaviest lifts. Think of it as a weight belt for your foot.”

15. Converse Chuck Taylor All Stars

Recommended by: Kenny Santucci, trainer and owner of The Strength Club NYC

“For strength training and weightlifting, you want a flat, hard sole that will provide a stable base. Either the high top or low top version of the Chuck Taylor All Stars has a flat, stable bottom that enables you to ground your whole foot into the floor and generate power through your whole foot. You want to be able to feel and grip the ground so they work really well for lifting. I started wearing them back in college almost 20 years ago before there were any specialized training shoes and they still work today!”

Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Classic shoes

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