15 Best Patchouli Perfumes 2022: Chic Patchouli Fragrances

Perfume is deeply personal. Your signature scent is one of the first things someone might notice about you—not to mention something you yourself will have lingering around you all day—so choosing one that reflects your likes, persona, and mood is nothing short of essential. If you’ve done any exploring in the world of perfumes, you’ve likely made note of the key notes (no pun intended) you gravitate toward. Once you discover those, choosing new fragrances is easy—even if you don’t have time to spritz and sniff in person. If one of those notes is patchouli, you’ve come to the right place.

Patchouli is a plant that’s part of the Lamiaceae family, also referred to as the mint family. If it’s a note you’ve come to love, you likely enjoy scents that are sweet with a musky, earthy aroma. You’ll commonly find patchouli paired with fragrances such as sandalwood, bergamot, frankincense, ginger, lavender, and more. With the right combination, it’s a key ingredient for an intoxicating, beautiful signature scent. Here, we’ve gathered the best patchouli perfumes you’ll want to spritz from head to toe, day and night.

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