15 Best Korean Lip Tints 2021: K-Beauty Lip Products

Practically every beauty product that comes out of South Korea is magic. What started with BB creams has led to sheet masks, sleeping packs, cushion compacts, and more—all of which have made their way stateside. Our latest obsession from the country? Lip tints. Reminiscent of the look that a popsicle gives, these tinted stains are the perfect low-maintenance lip products that last through countless cocktails without drying your pout.

Unlike traditional lip stains, Korean lips tints are available in a range of finishes and come in everything from subtle to stand-out shades. Many are also concocted with ingredients that nourish and moisturize the lips, so you won’t experience flaking or cracking while wearing them. Regardless of the Korean lip tint formula that piques your interest, the product will last from a.m. to p.m. or until you wash it off. From airy mattes to jelly-like stains, these are the best Korean lip tints that deliver the perfect popsicle pout.

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