13 Cool Sweater Vest Outfits Fashion People Are Wearing Now

We first reported on the sweater vest trend in 2020 when it blew up on our social media feeds and although a few years have now passed, we’re pleased to report that they’re definitely still a thing in 2022. Rather than being a must-have It item this season, the trend mania that surrounded them has died down and now sweater vests are simply a trendy fall staple that stylish people are wearing with their casual, everyday outfits. If you ask me, these looks prove that it’s an item worth adding to your forever wardrobe.

As with any stylish staple, how fashion people are wearing sweater vests has evolved. Instead of combining them with pleated skirts and loafers as a sort of school uniform cosplay, the sweater vest outfits we’ve spotted recently are getting simpler and less trendy—personally, I think it’s refreshing. Now you’ll spot sweater vests with basics like jeans and ankle boots and when fashion people do choose to layer them, the vibe is more relaxed to offset the sweater’s academic ethos.

Ahead, see the sweater vest outfits that we’re jotting down for 2022.

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