12 Scariest New Horror Books 2022

Explore the best new horror books for adults and teens. Read the most anticipated horror novels, upcoming fantasy horror books, and sci-fi horror books coming in 2022.

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Creepiest New Horror Books For Adults & Teens

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Looking for the scariest new horror books of 2022? You’re at the right place. We collected some of the most anticipated and spookiest horror novels and book series that will take you around the world and beyond.

You’ll find here some of the most anticipated horror books written by new writers as well as beloved horror novelists who will surely raise all the hair on your neck. While we love Stephen King, Joe Hill, and Dean Koontz, we wanted to show you a few other excellent horror authors we thought you might like or even fall in love with.

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You’ll also find here some of the creepiest upcoming fantasy horror books as well as new sci-fi horror books for adults and teens. But you’ll find here all kinds of novels from the horror genre including, gothic, psychological, serial killers, and atmospheric horror books coming in 2022.

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12| Gallant by V.E. Schwab, Victoria Schwab – New Horror Fantasy Book, April 2022

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V.E. Schwab is known for her adult fantasy books and this story is among the best new horror books for young adults. We are convinced everyone is going to enjoy it as Schwab seems to be great in this area as well. Olivia Prior receives an invitation back home, to Gallant, but no one appears to know about that letter.

Is there a proper bone-chilling horror without a mansion that is out of this world? Once Olivia crosses those ruined walls, her life changes forever. A dark, at first scary world answers many of Olivia’s questions about who she is and where she belongs. If you’re into dark fantasy books you should check out this one.

Gallant is deservedly among the most anticipated fantasy horror books for teens and adults in 2022.

352 Pages

11| Manhunt by Gretchen Felker-Martin – New Sci-fi Horror Book, February 2022

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If you enjoy post-apocalyptic horrors, this one is definitely going to be on your must-read lists. In case you are new to the genre, Felker-Martin’s remarkable piece is a superb start without a doubt. Travel the New England coast with Beth, Fran, and Robbie, who know they cannot trust anyone, but each other. Hunting feral men is their only key to survival, but plenty of adventure awaits our heroes.

2022 is a great year for new horror novels and if you are looking for perfectly written LGBT+ dystopian horror books for adults, Manhunt is for you.

Manhunt by Gretchen Felker-Martin is definitely among the spookiest horror books coming in 2022.

304 Pages

10| Dead Silence by S.A. Barnes, Stacey Kade – New Sci-fi Horror Book, February 2022

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Some of the scariest horror books and stories take place on ships. For a good reason; there are always plenty of mysterious occurrences in the middle of the ocean. Furthermore, the idea of not being able to get away raises the hair on everyone’s neck. S.A. Barnes and Stacey Kade invite readers to a spaceship, where all hell is about to break loose.

A freshly redundant crew receives a distress signal, which turns out to be the future’s Titanic, the Aurora, a gigantic luxury spaceship. You might think it is not a good idea to enter that ship, and probably you are right.

Dead Silence by S.A. Barnes and Stacey Kade is one of the creepiest sci-fi horror books for adults.

352 Pages

9| The Hacienda by Isabel Cañas – New Supernatural Horror Book, 2022

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Isabel Cañas’ book début is certainly a strong one, The Hacienda is full of unique characters, petrifying secrets, and captivating ideas. We are hopeful about many exciting new horror novels coming from Cañas’pen.

Beatriz has to accept Rodolfo’s proposal, as she is left on her own the Mexican government was overthrown. Despite the dark rumors, she seeks safety at Rodolfo’s infamous countryside estate Hacienda San Isidro.

Not long after moving in Beatriz had to realize, the rumors were in fact true; something lurks in the darkness. Can she get out alive and unravel the mystery? If you’re craving new fantasy books you should put this spooky read on your TBR.

The Hacienda by Isabel Cañas is among the most entraining and mysterious fantasy horror books in 2022.

352 Pages

8| The Children on the Hill by Jennifer McMahon – New Ghost Horror Books, April 2022

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One of the most anticipated upcoming horror books is Jennifer McMahon’s peculiar and lovable piece. The Children on the Hill is going to be one of your favorites in no time if you enjoy reading gothic horrors. The book shows that friendship can be anywhere, no matter the differences.

When renowned psychiatrist Dr. Helen Hildreth takes a little girl home from her treatment center, she forms a bond with the doctor’s grandchildren.

Their friendship blooms as they face their fears in the dark. A magnificent book you are not going to be able to put down.

Jennifer McMahon’s The Children on the Hill is among the most frightening fantasy horror books for teens and adults alike.

352 pages

7| All the White Spaces by Ally Wilkes – New Historical Horror Novel, January 2022

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2022 is a great year for horror lovers, as there are a number of amazing horror books for adults and teens as well. Ally Wilkes’ writing career kicks off on a high note for sure. All the White Spaces is a fascinating LGBT horror novel that is packed with scary moments in the frozen corners of Antarctica.

Jonathan Morgan wouldn’t have thought that going on an expedition with his hero, James “Australis” Randall, the famous explorer would end up being the scariest time in his life. Due to a terrible disaster, the crew has to leave the ship and survive winter in the snow. If it wasn’t enough, it seems supernatural forces are decimating the crew.

All the White Spaces by Ally Wilkes is an eerie Polar LGBT horror that is going to raise the hair on your neck while reading.

368 Pages

6| What Moves the Dead by T. Kingfisher – New Gothic Horror Book, July 2022

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Probably most horror fans would love to find an answer to this question. Alex Easton, a retired soldier, is going to find it out the hard way when he learns his old friend is dying.

If you are looking for gothic horrors packed with sinister forces and dark secrets, you are at the right place. The modern retelling of Edgar Allen Poe’s classic, The Fall of the House of Usher is going to make your weekend. It is certainly a read that will make you want to leave the lights on at night.

What Moves the Dead by T. Kingfisher is one of the creepiest new horror books in 2022.

176 Pages

5| String Follow by Simon Jacobs – New Horror Book, February 2022

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If you are a huge fan of gothic horrors with a modern vibe, Simona Jacob’s String Follow is a superb choice for this year. Beyond the unique and quirky characters and the dark humor, there is plenty to enjoy in this book.

A group of Ohio misfits live their absolutely out-of-the-ordinary lives and darkness doesn’t avoid any of them. There are a lot of potentially triggering elements in the book, so make sure to pick it up when you are in the right mindset.

String Follow by Simon Jacobs is a unique and spookie read that is full of dark moments and releasing humor.

416 Pages

4| Mestiza Blood by V. Castro – New Short Horror Story Collection, January 2022

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V. Castro is most likely to become a household name in horror circles as the first book, Mestiza really shows off the author’s talents. This collection of nightmarish stories will give you the chills while not being able to put it down until you read all of them.

Each of the stories is amazing for various reasons. You can find sci-fi shorts as well as the darkest horrors. There are some really incredible strong female leads that are going to inspire everyone. The urban legend and folklore stories are most definitely among the creepiest horror stories you can find in 2022.

V. Castro’s Mestiza Blood is a fascinating collection of remarkable horror stories, you’ll hope to be only fiction.

240 Pages

3| The Shadow Glass by Josh Winning – New Fantasy Horror Books, March 2022

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Josh Winning’s passion for nostalgia and movies show in the pages of this captivating dark fantasy. While it is a bit different from most of the books on the list, we guarantee, every reader is going to feel a little darkness creeping up on their spine. Jack Corman seems to have hit rock bottom; work and life do not work as he imagined earlier.

Just when he would have been evicted from his home, he decides to return to his childhood home while mourning his father. An unbelievable group of beings need his help; the puppets from his father’s failed movie came to life so they can save the world against other of his father’s creations.

The Shadow Glass by Josh Winning is a suspenseful and creepy fantasy all horror lovers will love.

400 Pages

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2|  Sundial by Catriona Ward – New Fiction Horror Books, March 2022

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One of the most gripping Psychological thriller-horror books for adults is Sundial. Catriona Ward has a great sense to build suspense, while also freaking readers out with every page.

Rob has everything she dreamed of, a loving husband, children, and the perfect home. Still, she cannot rest when she realizes something is wrong with her oldest daughter. Callie has strange hobbies, and her friends hide in the shadows.

To help her, Rob decides to take Callie back to where she grew up, but at Sundial she has to make a terrible decision and both of their lives will change forever. If you’re looking for new thriller and mystery books then you should pick up this thrilling novel.

Catriona Ward’s Sundial is one of the most anticipated new horrors of 2022 for both adults and teens.

304 Pages

1| The Fervor by Alma Katsu – New Psychological Horror Books, April 2022

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Lovers of the horror genre are most definitely familiar with Alma Katsu’s name. The award-winning author has brought to us another frightening story, this time we are going to the second world war.

Meiko Briggs and her daughter Aiko had to go through difficult times; it wasn’t easy to be a Japanese-American in the forties. As they are sent to an internment camp, unexpected forces are unleashed; a demon poses a much darker threat than any war on the planet.

The historical fiction book The Fervor by Alma Katsu is among the most anticipated horror books in 2022.

320 Pages

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