12 Lip Primers for Guaranteed Long-Lasting Color

Whether you’re rocking a bold lip or keeping it simple and nude, one thing is for certain: You want your color to last all day without flaking, feathering, bleeding, or smudging. It doesn’t matter how many layers you apply or if you’re carefully sipping your latte through a straw; lipstick’s pigmentation tends to ghost on you. The good news is that there’s a not-so-secret product you can use to boost your lipstick’s staying power—lip primer. 

Ask any makeup pro: Like macaroni and cheese (or wine and cheese, pick your vibe), lip primer and lipstick go hand-in-hand. Why? Because lip primers create the perfect base for lipsticks to adhere to, add more grip to the texture of the lips, and allow for longer-lasting color. Not only that, but lip primers come in a variety of formulas that add extra benefits to your pout, like hydration and plumping. 

Ready to make frequent lipstick touch-ups a thing of the past? We’ve got you covered. Scroll ahead for our 12 favorite picks that guarantee long-lasting color.

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