100% Soft Launches Party Game Based On Hit Dumpster Fire Toy Line

Yesterday, 100% Soft, the critically acclaimed and beloved designer behind the award-winning Dumpster Fire toys and pop culture emoji collabs, launched Dumpster Fire Party! A storytelling party game that gets players to tell the comically terrible stories from their own trash fire lives.  

Dumpster Fire Party box

From the publisher:

Dumpster Fire Party is a storytelling game where you and your friends share the absurd, embarrassing, and hilarious stories that make us want to chuck our whole life in the dumpster and set it ablaze. So yeah, it’s the PERFECT party game!

Grab your friends, pick a theme, then kick back and listen to everybody describe one personal nightmare after another. The person with the best (or worst) stories is the winner!

You’ll be surprised at how terrible your lives really are!

“Seeing the overwhelmingly positive response to the Dumpster Fire vinyl toy, it really struck me that this had hit a cultural nerve. I wanted to find a way to make this cute little Dumpster Fire into a communal experience because everyone seemed to relate to it. I’ve always wanted to make a game but I needed some talented maniacs to help me, so I reached out to Forever Stoked Creative, (TEAM3, The X-Files: Conspiracy Theory)  and Blaise Sewell (POOP: The Game, Blocko Taco), and together we made it happen! ”

“We can all personally relate to the adorable dumpster fire, so we wanted to make a game that celebrates and commiserates our shared suffering. In the game we’re all telling actual real life stories of our own, and recognizing that we’re all sort of disasters sometimes is not only a hilarious experience, but also pretty life affirming that everyone deals with the same general tragicomedy of being human,” says Matt Fantastic of Forever Stoked Creative.

100% Soft is the kawaii pop art brainchild of Los Angeles artist Truck Torrence, most popularly known for the best-selling Dumpster Fire vinyl figure, winner of the Designer Toy Awards Toy of the Year 2020. His signature style is a perfect combination of cute and dark gallows humor. 100% Soft has also collaborated with numerous brands and studios such as Marvel, Lucasfilm, Disney, Sony, and Universal.

The base game supports 3-6 players, with additional expansions adding options for additional players. In keeping with Dumpster Fire’s origins, the Kickstarter Campaign for the game launches with 2 exclusive colorways of the vinyl toy, Kickstarter Colors and a Metallic Green, and 3 colorways of the game – Standard, Smog Black, and Magical Trash. The Magical Trash colorway of the game and the Metallic Green toy are only available during the first 7 days of the campaign. The campaign will end on May 20, 2022.  

Images via Forever Stoked Creative and 100% Soft

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