10 Best Treadmills For Every Type of Runner in 2022, From Affordable to Olympian-Worthy

It offers a wide 55″ belt, but is still a reasonably compact treadmill for the space-conscious. Another feature that’s appealing to renters with fussy neighbors is its quiet motor: Technogym claims that its treadmill runs around 60 decibels, somewhere between a refrigerator hum and a dishwasher (while other models from NordicTrack and the Peloton Tread are known for running on the noisier end). With a 12 percent incline, customizable workout programs, and a suite of live Technogym classes at your disposal, this looker offers plenty of functionality, too.

The Best Treadmill Accessory for Recovery: Light Speed Lift LS400

This contraption works in conjunction with a treadmill, transforming it into an injury-prevention and recovery tool. Like an analog version of the Alter G Anti-Gravity Treadmill, which requires new-BMW money, the Light Speed Lift is a support system in the form of spring straps attached to compression shorts that are hooked up to overhead poles, relieving up to 40 pounds of impact force. It’s a boon for hardcore athletes trying to get the most out of their training and for anyone whose joints can’t handle pounding on a belt. “Most people run slower on their easy days, but when you run slower you can actually have more impact on your body because you spend more time on the ground,” said Olympic runner Alexi Pappas. “This device is like a giant baby bouncer. It lifts you up. I’ve used it since my last injury and haven’t [an injury] since.”

4 More Treadmills We Love 

Another Dependable NordicTrack Model: NordicTrack Commercial 1750

NordicTrack commercial 1750 treadmill

One of the new models in the NordicTrack commercial series is the 1750, which McGee says has a lot of the specs you might find in a more expensive treadmill, from a long, wide belt to some kind of sprung suspension system to help with shock absorption. It’s less heavy-duty than the 2950 model above—our top choice for most runners—with a significantly smaller screen and a lower horsepower motor, but it also boasts many of the same features for about $1,000 less: a 15% incline, a wide belt, cushioning underfoot, and a great warranty. It’s a solid alternative to the 2950 if you’re on a budget, and it’s still a compact treadmill, if you’re looking for something space-saving for home use.

The Best Treadmill for Running Purists: Sole F80  

The Sole is a well-priced folding treadmill that continuously gets positive reviews. Minimalists will rejoice at its lack of flashiness (read: it doesn’t have a touchscreen). But it does boast a handy tablet holder, and everything else a serious runner might actually need: a cushioned running deck, a 9-inch LCD screen that displays workout information, a USB charging port, speakers with Bluetooth connectivity. Plus, it folds up automatically with the flip of a switch. The F80 has a max speed of 12mph and reaches an incline of 15 percent—as much as almost anyone might need.

The Best Sub-$1500 Treadmill: ProForm Pro 2000

This treadmill is the solid and reliable, bang-for-your-buck running machine. The Pro 2000 has all the features that buyers should be looking for: a roomy, cushy running surface, access to high-quality built-in iFit streaming workouts (the first month of your iFit membership is free). There’s also a spot for a tablet so you can stream whatever workout you’d like. While the 10” screen is a little small, the Pro 200 has nice bonuses like a built-in fan, the ability to fold up easily, water bottle holders, integrated Bluetooth speakers, and various warranties (up to 10 years for the steel frame, parts, and labor).

The Best Treadmill for HIIT Workouts: Horizon Fitness 7.8 AT 

Horizon Fitness 7.8 AT treadmill


Horizon Fitness

The 7.8AT is an interval training workhorse with a responsive motor that can keep up with pricier machines, like the one that starts with a P. Quickly make speed and incline adjustments using the chest-high roller controls (sound familiar?). Use your iPad to stream Zwift or those Peloton workouts and know that you’ll be able to change your settings fast enough to keep up. Or avoid staring at screens all together and go full vision quest with the treadmill’s built-in HIIT training programs that make all the adjustments for you.

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Whether you’re fresh off the couch or gunning for a new PR. 

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