10 Best Gucci Perfumes 2022: Best-Smelling Gucci Fragrances

Our wardrobes are filled with Gucci, Chanel, and other heritage houses, so it’s no surprise our fragrance collections are too. While there’s certainly a place for niche perfume lines, sometimes, you just want to spritz a classic. One of our favorite designers for classic, intoxicating scents? Gucci. 

Launched in 1974 with the introduction of Gucci no. 1, Gucci’s fragrance department has since created a range of best-selling lines, such as Flora and Bloom. While the Italian fashion house is best known for its florals, it’s also served a share of woody and fresh scents. If you want to stock your vanity with the best Gucci perfumes, look no further. Here, we’ve rounded up the label’s best smelling, best selling, and most memorable fragrances. 

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