007 film ‘No Time to Die’ becomes highest-grossing Hollywood film of 2021 and since pandemic started. : entertainment

I loved it, and hate that its being so torn apart!

I was terrified reading the reviews and comments like the ones posted here, but I tried it out and it was great! The villain needed more development and screen time but the ending was beyond amazing. Were there silly plot points? Absolutely and I loved them!

It called back to the earlier Bond films so well: the beautiful score, mesmerizing locations, silly plot, ridiculous henchmen, arbitrary love interests, and hammy lines.

I didn’t mind the length at all, didn’t notice it. On the whole, it’s a good film, and I thought I was even more satisfied after rewatching it, because I had the context of the ending.

RANKINGS (for Daniel Craig’s Bond):

  1. SKYFALL (9.5/10)

  2. CASINO ROYALE (9/10)

  3. NO TIME TO DIE (8/10)

  4. SPECTRE (6/10)

  5. QUANTUM OF SOLACE (5.5/10)

If you like Daniel’s Bond, go watch it, tune everyone else out and have some fun, if at times tryingly sentimental, entertainment.

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